Non-Profit Organizations

This firm has considerable experience helping non-profit organizations through the entire start-up process, as well as throughout the life of the organization.  We have worked for clients such as a private school, a Lions Club chapter, a symphony orchestra, a scientific foundation, a booster club, and homeowner associations, among others.  The types of projects we have completed include:

  • Entity formation – helping an organization decide what type of legal entity it should become and preparing the documentation for filing with the state.
  • EIN – obtaining a taxpayer identification number for the organization.
  • IRS determination of tax-exempt status – preparing the application for a non-profit organization to file with the IRS requesting a determination that the organization is not subject to federal income tax and that donations to the organization are tax-deductible.
  • State tax-exempt status – apply for state recognition of tax-exempt status for the organization.
  • Ongoing Advice – advise organizations regarding tax-related issues that organizations encounter.

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